skiing in Greece

Not so many places offer the opportunity of “all-year-round” travelling experience. Likewise, not so many places offer the experience of skiing with the sun above and the deep blue sea just a few meters away from the slopes.

Ski touring Greece is an opportunity to ski where only a few descents have been made! It is a tour which combines the culture and the nature of the country, but also gives fantastic runs, guaranteed first tracks, and relative easy access! The greek mountains are smooth and the snow guaranteed, a tour for every ski tourer!

From the iconic mountains just outside of Athens to the remote and snowy Pindus Range in the country’s northwest, Greece is full of excellent backcountry skiing opportunities. Whether it’s for a day or a week, there are plenty of excellent backcountry spots best explored on skies.

Slopes, powder snow, and ski resort are not words you usually associate with Greece. But there is even more to this beautiful country in the Mediterranean, a synonym of beautiful islands, dreamy beaches and one of the most influential civilizations in history.

Skiing in Greece is blooming

Ski touring in Greece is blooming. Over the past years, more and more people are coming here from different countries, “like a wave”. As a developing ski touring area, there are many things that only local experts will know.

The top 5 ski touring resorts are spread throughout mainland’s body and can satisfy every taste and skiing skills:

1. Mount Olympus (2,918 m)

This is the highest mountain in Greece, and a historical place too. It is part of the Olympus range and is located 80km from Thessaloniki. It is also a very symbolic place, as it was known in Greek mythology as the home of the Gods. You can read here about our ski touring in Mount Olympus.

2. Mount Smolikas (2,537 m)

This mountain filled with beautiful conifer forests is, one of the most interesting spots in Greece, in terms of skiing options.

3. Mount Parnassos (2,457 m)

Located near Athens, “it also has one of the best ski resorts in Greece, and is a great location for ski mountaineering as well”. Mount Parnassus is another location often mentioned in Greek mythology, as house of the muses.

4. Mount Vardousia (2,495 m)

Located in central Greece, Mount Vardousia hosts over ten peaks above 2,000 m.

5. Crete

This beautiful island, the largest in Greece, has more than one option. Two top recommendations are the White Mountains and peak Psiloritis. Ski touring in Crete means skiing downhill with the impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Skiing in Greece is a state of mind

After all, skiing in Greece is a state of mind. A state of mind no true nature’s lover should miss.

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