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True Adventure is a tourist agency specialised in alternative tourism, organising trips and adventure holidays in Greece and around the world.

Our office is located in Volos, an Olympic City in the games of 2004 in Greece, at the base of Mount Pelion. Volos (ancient name: Iolkos) is the place where the Argonauts started their mythic journey from, in order to bring back the Golden Fleece, and where the famous Centaurs (half men-half horses according to Greek mythology) used to live.

True Adventure focuses on experiences and adventure activities in nature, both in mountain and sea. Our programs are organised by experienced and distinguished professionals, well known for their achievements.

We visit places where only a few people have dared to visit before, in unique destinations, experiencing the true beauty of nature and the spirit of mother earth.

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George Raios

George-Apostolos Raios was born in Volos, in 1989 and he lives in Agria – Magnesia. He is a physical education teacher, specialised in Skiing, Outdoor Sports and Sports Management. He is an Outdoor Activities Guide with many years of experience in rock climbing, sea kayaking, mountain biking and ski touring. He is a member of BCU and Hellenic Alpining Club of Volos and he has taken part in survival expeditions, sport climbing and high altitude climbing in mountains abroad (Himalayas, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Alps, Caucasus, etc ).

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Nikolaos Magitsis

Nikolaos Magitsis was born in Agria Pelion on 2nd of October 1968. He is a teacher of physical education and sports (graduated from the University of Thrace, Komotini). He is a rock climber, sea kayaker, mountain biker and winter skiing expert. His Master's of Science is on Recreation and sports, specializing in ”Reaction time and high altitude". Nikos has accomplished more than 50 survival expeditions all over the world in the mountains, sea, and deserts. He has been walking and climbing with Greek and foreign people since 1998. Nikos has already climbed the "7 summits" and he is the first and only Greek who reached the North and South Pole skiing.

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Sonia Athanasiou

Sonia Athanasiou was born in 1979, in Volos, Pelion. She is a Physical Education teacher and has a Master of Sports Science. She is a 3 star certified on sea kayak by the B.C.U. (British Canoeing Union). She has been walking and climbing in the mountains since 2006. She has participated in 7 mountain expeditions in Alps, Nepal, Morocco, and Kilimanjaro since 2009. Sonia is working in sports camps for children since 2004 and she has been walking with Greeks and foreigners since 2010.

Georgios Kyriakos

Georgios Kyriakos

Georgios Kyriakos was born in Larisa in 1986. He studied sports science and physical education, specialized in maximization of athletic performance and works as a personal trainer and fitness coach in different teams. He has many years of working experience in outdoor summer camps with kids and as a guide with adults in activities like hiking, climbing kayak and archery. The last 10 years in wintertime George has being working as a ski-snowboard instructor on Mount Pelion. In his free time loves being in the mountains with friends exploring the nature and doing extreme sports like climbing, highlining and splitboarding.

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Christos Papageorgiou

Christos Papageorgiou is a native of Agria City, was born on 21st March 1985, graduated from Merchant Marine Captain's Academy, achieving the rank of first mate-working at ocean shipping, holder of BCU sea kayaking, L2 english, worshiper of outdoor activities, participant in international mountaineering expeditions, summited at Elbrus(Caucasus), Point Peter-Lenana (Mt.Kenya), Breithorn(Alpes). He is a member of BCU and Hellenic Alpining Club of Volos and he has taken part in survival expeditions, sport climbing and high altitude climbing in mountains abroad (Himalayas, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Alps, Caucasus, etc ).

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Vangelis Theos

Vangelis Theos (aka Van Theos) was born in Thessaly, Greece in Spring 1977. He is an Environmental Scientist and an outdoor enthusiast. He has many years of experience working with kids as a climber and Canoe-Kayak instructor and helping people with disabilities have access to outdoor activities. Once he was a full time climber taking part in World Championships for the Greek team. Since 2009 is working for the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing as a route setter for the National climbing competitions and as an Environmental Scientist freelance. In his free time, he loves spending time with friends and family outdoors doing sports and having lots of fun.